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Welcome to Department of Probation and Child Care Services

Our mission is to establish the rights of children in entire Sri Lanka by providing Protection for orphaned, abandoned, destitute children and others in conflict with the law ensuring the maximum participation of children in keeping with national policies and international standards for children.

Main Functions of the Department

alt Moulding the character and rehabilitation of adults, young persons and juvenile delinquents referred to the Department.
alt Directing children not obedient to their parents, cutting school, stubborn and engaged in anti-social activities even though they have not committed any offence considered as a crime under the Penal Code.
alt Giving protection to and looking after the orphaned, abandoned, destitute and those subject to cruelty and faced with various disasters and subject to abuse.
alt Investigating supervising and providing aids to voluntary organizations and institutions engaged in children’s welfare services.
alt Taking reasures to lessen and prevent the number of children likely to breakdown in life due to poverty or other social requirements
alt Implementation of the Convention on the Rights the Child adopted by the United Nations and taking necessary steps to protect the Rights of the Child.
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