Department of Probation and Child Care Services

Ministry of Women, Child Affairs and Social Empowerment

Preparation of Child Care Plans

Preparation of Child Care Plans is the programme for ensuring the long term safety of vulnerable children. Necessity for this as a method of ensuring the safety of children emerges as a result of identifying a large number of children through the island wide survey conducted in 2011 to identify vulnerable children.

Conditions of vulnerability of the children identified in this manner were diverse. According to the conditions of vulnerability care plans are developed to eliminate such vulnerability and ensure their safety. It has to be implemented on short term basis as well as long term basis over several years and follow up is done by the Child Rights Promotion Officers and the Child Rights Promotion Assistants.

In all activities from preparation of these care plans to their implementation and evaluation support of other field officers is obtained. The importance of acting on a joint approach rather than an individual one in ensuring child safety has been emphasized through this.

Through the preparation of these care plans the family condition will also be uplifted while the child receives protection and development. From this, it has especially been able to enhance the income generation ways of the family which is necessary to provide nutrition and development for the children, to improve the sanitary facilities and to provide facilities necessary for the advancement of the educational level of the children.

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